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Piyali Gupta

My name is Piyali, and I am a CDA licensed psychologist, I actively support students and young adults in managing their intra- and interpersonal emotional, social and behavioral difficulties, facing life challenges and building essential life skills. I also support young children and young adults make choices for their college education.

About me

I have been working for two decades in schools, colleges & also hospital and clinic settings as an in-house psychologist & have extensive clinical experience in delivering therapy to children, adolescents and young adults dealing with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, phobias, OCD and mood disorders effectively used solution-focused strategies in an integrated developmental approach.

I also offer support to parents and work closely with families. I impart Training and conduct Workshops to create awareness on identifying mental health concerns in early stages among school and college students.

I have served as a School Counselor and as Head of Inclusion and School Counsellor for nearly a decade. I have worked across The Emirates & possess profound knowledge and understanding on “SEND” especially converging towards early identification and effective intervention an creating effective school support systems.

Owing to my passion for Learning and Education, I have trained widely on assessing, diagnosing, and formulating treatments for a variety of mood, learning and neurological disorders that impact learning in children as well as adults. I have had extensive experience in assessing for a myriad of presenting concerns that negatively impact learning such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Reading Comprehension difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorders in addition to mood/behavioral concerns.
As a part of initiatives, I have introduced alternative pathways as a Life Skills Program such as ASDAN to school going children facing learning barriers.

I strongly believe empathy and compassion are key components in the success of the therapeutic process, and I always offer a space where my Clients can feel heard, secure and accepted.

My therapeutic focus is on:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Dialectic behavior therapy

Rational emotive behavior therapy


Professional experience:

Adjustments to life transitions like adoption, bereavement, divorce, and relocation.

Mood disorders like depression and bipolar disorders

Low self-esteem.

Body image issues.

Eating disorder

Selective Mutism

Adjustment to life-changing events

Anxiety disorders like phobias, panic, OCD, and PTSD

Pre-marital counseling and couples counseling.

Family conflict therapy.


Anger and stress.

Career decisions and work-life balance.

Mindfulness for holistic well-being.

Extensive work with children with special needs.


Master in Applied Psychology (Clinical) Calcutta University, India.

P.G Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology, India.

Diploma in SEN, UK.


Board Certifications or equivalent:

Community Development Authority Licensed Psychologist (CDA) – Dubai, UAE

RCI, Registration, India





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