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Jana Habson

Licensed Counseling Psychologist, Psychotherapist,
Founder of MCM Conscious Mental Wellness

Languages: Russian, German, English

Welcome to MCM Conscious Mental Wellness I am Jana Habson, your psychologist, guiding individuals, couples, families, and children through their unique mental health journeys. My approach intertwines my diverse cultural experiences with a deep commitment to empathy and understanding.

With roots in Kazakhstan, a childhood in Germany, and a life in the multicutural UAE. My practice is enriched from a global perspective that appreciates each client’s distinct background.

(Age group: 10 years old – onwards)

For Children & Adolescents:

Drawing from my role as a school counselor, I advocate for early intervention and tallored support for the young, helping them navigate the complexities or growth and learning within the educational system.

For Adults:

I offer a compassionate space for adults to confront and overcome emotional and psychological challenges, drawing from my triumphs over co-dependency and addiction to foster resilience and recovery.

For Couples & Family Counseling:

As a long-term spouse and parent, I resonate with the nuances of family dynamics, offering dedicated support to those navigating parenting joys, stresses, and relational commitments

Therapeutic Approaches:

My therapeutic portfolio includes Gestalt Therapy, CBT, DBT, and EMDR, all aimed at facilitating self- awareness, emotional regulation, and healing from trauma.

Invitation to Therapy:

Embark on a transformative journey with me at My Conscious Mind Mental Health Center. Together, we will navigate your path to well-being, embracing the richness of your life’s narrative and the promise of a fulfilled future

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