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Basem Abdelghaffar

I am Basem, Psychologist. Psychology isn’t just a profession; it is a calling. Since high school, I found myself drawn to psychology and paying attention to people’s feelings when I studied my first ever psychology course. It was then natural to apply for BA in psychology to satisfy my curiosity about the field. Although I learned several psychology domains and schools, I found myself in psychoanalysis and depth psychology. It has led me to my master’s degree in clinical psychology using the psychoanalytical methods and work-frame.

About me

You can expect a non-judgmental and supportive environment, by research-supported techniques used in a collaborative manner – where we are scientists studying your life, committed to understanding the causes of your difficulties and what might lead to change and growth.

Life is complicated. We face challenges in our relationships, our studies, and our work lives. Challenges can also come from within, as intrusive thoughts and feelings or problematic behaviors that we struggle to stop. Therapy helps us to understand what we can do to improve our situation, and it allows us to step away from unpleasant, and unsuccessful ways of being and onto a path towards greater success and a sense of well-being.

Throughout my rich experience in psychology and psychotherapy, I consider myself very lucky to have the chance to practice in different settings, cultures, and countries. My main interests include but are not limited to:
Anxiety, Panic, and phobia disorders.

Mood & depression disorders.

Interpersonal and relational difficulties.

Psychogenic speech and communication disorders.

Poor sleep quality, insomnia, night terror & nightmares.

Communication skills rehabilitation after strokes and traumatic brain injuries.

Anger management.

Functional neurologic disorder / conversion disorder


BA. In Psychology

Clinical Competence Certificate in Speech & Language Pathology

MA. In Clinical Psychology

Ph.D. cand. In Neuroscience

Professional memberships:

Associate Member of The American Psychological Association.

Member of the European Society for Mental Health and Deafness

Member of the American Counselling Association


Community Development Authority Licensed Psychologist (CDA) – Dubai, UAE


Arabic (Egyptian)


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